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Frequently Asked Questions
FAQ - One Page
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This is a one-page (front and back) summary of the document below.  It is usually
packaged with the smaller (12" x 20") map to provide a basic overview of the map
and a referral to the website for more information..
FAQ - Extended
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This is a 10-page document that contains the FAQs from this website, plus the
summary of map uses from this website.  If you are looking for the most
comprehensive document you can get regarding the map, this is it.
How People Use the Map
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This document is a subset of the extended FAQ document above, focusing only on
map uses.  It is typically used when the other parts of the above document aren't
Condensed Map
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This is a diagram of the map that omits the lowest level of detail.  It is often used as
a worksheet for capturing ideas for each of the four major sections of the map
(hence the four column markers).  Because it shows the width of the map on one
page and because it allows room for comments, it can be a good alternative to the
full-depth map versions.  It can be printed on letter paper, but is more readable on
ledger/tabloid (11" x 17")
Sample Overlay Map
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This is an example of mapping initiatives/investments to the condensed value map.  
This particular example is a mock-up (i.e. neither accurate nor complete) mapping of
the Gates Foundation's education investments.  
Sample Teacher Survey
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This is a mock-up of a map that has been overlaid with survey results.  The
lowest-level enablers and actions are color-coded for the frequency with which they
were chosen as important by respondents.  
District/School/Union Plan
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This is an example of how the map can be used to depict a district's, school's or
union's focus for a particular school year.  It explains the benefits of four key
programs (by showing the impact on the education map) and highlights actions that
will be taken by educators, parents, students and community groups.  
Sample School Report Card
Coming soon
Worksheets and Samples
A Process View of Education
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This is a 14-page whitepaper that examines the extent to which standard process
theory (input, process, output) can help us understand what we see in public
education - particularly around cost trends, variability in results and the importance
of inputs.
Chronic Misalignment
Why calls for better alignment
don't work, and how a shared
language can remove common
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This article, from Deloitte Review, explains how a shared language (or map) can
help people better contribute to the goals of organizations.  It is centered upon the
use of Deloitte's "Enterprise Value Map," the success of which inspired the
development of the Education Performance Map.

For more information about how the Deloitte Enterprise Value Map is used to align
improvement efforts with organizational priorities, please
click here to link to an
article on
Research, Reference and Thought Provokers