Education Performance Map™  
Factors that drive educational performance and what we can all do to promote success
Our Change Philosophy

Ultimately, educational performance is driven by the performance of
students and educators.   It makes sense, then, that everything we do to
improve education should be focused on making both of these groups
more successful.  This means providing our students and teachers with
the capabilities, motivation and resources they need to make the most of
their talents.   
Welcome to the Education Performance Map™ website

The Education Performance Map™ is a framework that depicts the
factors driving educational performance and provides ideas around
what we can all do to help students and schools succeed.  

It was developed with input from educators, parents, researchers and
community members and is intended to be used by anyone working to
improve educational performance.

This website provides:
  • Access to copies of the map
  • Answers to frequently asked questions
  • Sample materials and map uses
How the Map Fits In

The map is intended to help all of us understand and discuss the factors
that drive educational performance.  It is not perfect and it is not
complete, but it can serve as a tool for focusing and accelerating our
individual and collective performance improvement efforts.  
How to Get Started With the Map

Three questions to ask yourself or your group:

    Which “Performance Drivers” (orange boxes) are most in
    need of improvement for my child, class or school?   
    Identify which of the orange boxes are most important right now.  
    There are many things you can do, and this will help you prioritize.

    Which “Assets and Enablers” (blue-green boxes) are key
    to improvement in the high-priority areas?  Identify which of
    the blue-green boxes are most important for the orange boxes you
    selected.  This will help you focus your improvement efforts on key
    skills and resources.  

    What “Actions” (bottom-level activities) can we take to
    start making needed improvements?  Identify actions (bottom-
    level of the map) you can take to strengthen the key skills and
    resources you have chosen.  This will provide ideas that jumpstart
    your creativity and progress.
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What's New...
  • (May 12) EXAMPLE of how the map can be used to depict a district's,
    school's or union's focus for a particular school year.  It explains
    the benefits of four key programs (by showing the impact on
    education map) and highlights actions that will be taken by
    educators, parents, students and community groups click here to
    go to the page

  • (April 23) SPANISH TRANSLATION completed by volunteers - thank
    you to Sal Varela and Alma Celina Quiroz Trujillo!  The translation
    is now being converted into a full-detailed map.  Please check back
    soon for a printable version.